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This site is dedicated to all the sport men/women, fitness groups, Martial Artist and sports clubs; it has video courses, classes and more, it was created for anyone from beginners to advanced aiming for a tailored fitness program and a Martial Arts boot-camp training or a low intensity meditation in movement or a training targeting a specific physical capability in between other training ideas.

My aim is to cultivate genuine human values and to promote the correct application of Martial Arts as a useful life skill and as one way of preventing offensive reaction by gaining self-control and confidence being able to think appropriately when an unpredictable offensive situation arises channelizing intention through the right way only for self-defence.

SDF Street Defence Fitness and Ancient Martial Arts


​The SDF is a middle intensity level training, 

the main objective is to provide a very dynamic self-defence and fitness training up to anyone, combining both things in an easy way without the traditional Martial Arts system, so it will be without uniform, static positions, grading system or forms.

Street Self Defence DEMO class for everyone 

“Because, I believe there are no limits in our heart and mind potential, our body will follow”. prof.M.S
My passion is to promote genuine human values    and contribute to wellbeing  assisting people to reach their fitness dreams and gaining self-defence skills for life.​
High Performance Training

The HPT is an advanced intensity level training that could be a general training or tailored to individual group requirements targeting a specific physical capability.

General DEMO of the Ancient Martial Art

HPTfitness Defence 


Professor Mauricio Suarez


Founder Director of HPTfitness Defence / High Performance Training 


Diploma of Professor of Physical Education (1992-97) I.S.E.F. South American University, NZQA Level 7 full assessed Graduate Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Physical Education Teaching degree. BEd(PE)/Grad.Dip.Tchln, Cert.Sprt.Rec. (Pl.Op), Cert.Aq.Rec.(SwimTchg), Cert.(Lifeguard),Cert.(First Aid), Cert.(Sec.Bodyguard)


Diploma of Marine Guard, Navy Officer (in Reserve)  Former Naval University professor, Head of Physical Education, Manager of sports infrastructure, Naval High school preceptor officer. Sports, fitness and self-defence Naval students and Marine forces trainer for over 9 years.


Senior Teacher of Sipalki-do, World Federation’s pioneer representing Oceania, selected member of the ancient dynasty Ion Bi Ryu Black belt 3rd. Dan, also a karate and American full contact kick Boxing Black belt 2nd.Dan and Tai-Chi teacher, having trained Martial Arts since 1981.  

Free Style Tai-Chi 


The free style Tai-Chi is a low intensity smooth meditation in movement without long forms memorization ideal for anyone

 Tai-Chi class for everyone easy 5 min. daily  practice


“I would like to tell you  about my life changing experience with the Martial Arts in the last 12 months having a interest in the arts most of my life".....I started in Jan 2006 and was instantly impressed by the knowledge, skill, temperament and personality of our master Mauricio Suarez of course is too humble, he dosen't consider himself a master (only teacher) but to us he is a master well and truely...  

Michael, Sipalki Black Belt 1st.dan New Zealand

Video and Courses Important Explanation:


SDF Street Defence Fitness: The technical program was made from a Physical Education and Self-defence perspective all the classes will be following a proper pedagogic and didactic progression of teaching and learning process based on a professional teaching program and it will be tailored to each group’s physical capability requirements and age; the main objective is to provide a very dynamic applied to street self-defence and fitness training including: endurance, power, speed, flexibility, agility and coordination, combining things in an easy way using all body parts including: how to fall and protect yourself, grabs escape, weapon defence from several offenders, evasion and defensive skills without contact, in a respectful and helpful class environment.


DEMO VIDEOS: The learning process doesn’t have anything to do with these demo videos, some of them are illustrative only and they may look too fast, powerful or advanced but any of these techniques weren’t made to be copied or replicated in any way and it isn’t meant for promoting violence in any way but only to demonstrate some possible street situations, controlled escape-response and the power that could be involve in some moves for people to be aware of what could be happen and the importance of self-control because any uncontrolled move could cause unexpected results.

Any technique learned should be taken with responsibility, discipline, dedication and respect to others all the time and they should be used only in the last case of self- defence.




                                         Some of the VIDEO COURSES and CLASSES offered:

1- SDF Street Defence Fitness: a very dynamic applied to street SELF DEFENCE and fitness training including: grabs escape, weapon defence from several offenders, evasion and street several defensive skills, how to fall and protect you without contact in a respectful and helpful class environment.


2- SIPALKI-DO (Shaolin Martial Art) the ancient 56 Martial Arts specialties grouped in the Shaolin Monk’s 18 unit techniques dating over 4300 yrs. from the Dynasty of Grand Master Soo Nam Yoo 10th. Dan World Federation President.


3- FST Free Style TAI-CHI: is a low intensity exercise therapy combining smooth meditation in movement without long forms memorization ideal for anyone, Including: breathing relaxation, balance coordination, soft walking, flexibility and concentration.


4- HPT High Performance Training (Self Defence or Fitness): this training can be tailored to individual requirements and the course could be planned as one off Martial Boot-camp or ongoing classes for any sport men/women complementing any individual or group fitness training.

5- E-fitness VIDEO COURSES, some of the training courses including: CARDIO: AEROBIC and ANAEROBIC endurance and general PHYSICAL capabilities: AGILITY, STRETCHING, POWER, SPEED of reaction and movement.  TAI-CHI,  several WEAPON DEFENSIVE skills application,  GRABS  and immobilization ESCAPE, defence  COUNTER-ATTACK  skills, mastering ANGLES and defensive skills against SEVERAL OPPONENTS, basic STREET self-defence for everyone, COLLEGE school self-defence tailored program and more…  










           Throw and Restrain,                      DEFENSIVE SKILLS                      EVASION SKILLS              TRAINING ANAEROBIC ENDURANCE







                TAI-CHI 7 EXERCISES                           APS AGILITY, POWER, SPEED                        5/10"STRETCHING 

                               RELAXATION MEDITATION              PLYOMETRIC, ANAEROBICS ENDURANCE                     METHOD



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                           VIDEO COURSES 

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There are more VIDEO COURSES including fitness, Martial Arts and Self Defence areas of training for more information please go here:   



Comprehensive Self defence, Tai-Chi, Martial Arts and physical Training Methods 11 Video Courses


This is a complete FITNESS, SELF DEFENCE and Martial Arts series of self-Training VIDEO COURSES designed for anyone, from sport men/women, fitness groups or individuals, Martial Artists, and sports clubs to the Security Forces and it is designed for beginners, intermediate or more advanced levels including skilled Martial Artists looking for other ideas to add on.


This DVD has 11 video COURSES and around 3 hours of several training methodologies and techniques classified in 4 main areas:


1) General FITNESS for anyone to be done at home including: CARDIO (AEROBIC and ANAEROBIC) endurance and general PHYSICAL capabilities: AGILITY, STRETCHING, POWER, STRENGTH, SPEED of reaction and movement and more.


2) General SELF DEFENCE for anyone tailored to everyday street defensive elemental skills including: several GRABS ESCAPE, and RESTRAIN, weapon DEFENCE from several offenders, EVASION and STREET several DEFENSIVE SKILLS, how to STAND, FALL and PROTECT yourself and more.


3) General wellbeing TAI-CHI tailored to anyone looking for a low intensity exercise therapy combining smooth MEDITATION in movement without long forms of memorization including: Therapeutic BREATHING, soft stretching MOBILITY and RELAXATION, BALANCE coordination, soft RELAXING WALKING, general FLEXIBILITY, corrective POSTURE and CONCENTRATION exercises.


4) MARTIAL ARTS training and learning techniques and skills covering almost all the areas of learning from initial to advanced levels including: everything from standing GUARDS, POSITIONS, punch/kick and DEFENCES to more than 8 Martial Arts WEAPON DEFENSIVE skills application, advanced GRABS and immobilization PRESSURE points ESCAPE, defence COUNTER-ATTACK skills, mastering ANGLES and defensive skills against SEVERAL OPPONENTS, basic and advanced STREET self-defence and MARTIAL ARTS techniques and several training methodologies for FITNESS using Martial Arts technique and equipment. 


My idea is to provide and easy and practical method that can be done in home using minimal equipment


DEFINITION; Learning Self Defence will provide the student a sense of helping and respect for others together with a skill for life.  The main objective is to overcome the resistance with just reasonable force only when is required, however the strong sense of personal security obtained by knowing self defence will make a person calm until an assault situation giving him time to think and make the right decision. The aim is to avoid any aggressive or provocative behavior and to learn to control force by applying the right technique with the right timing and minimum force.